The Water Team is focused on water solutions in the collective effort to achieve the 2030 Environmental Sustainability Roadmap.

We help camps create and/or utilize water and water infrastructures at the highest efficiency relative to their camp’s style and gifting operations. Ideal camps use the least amount of fresh water per activity, evaporate 100% of their gray waste water and use the largest water storage containers possible. They seamlessly integrate regenerative values into their systems designs, culture and operations. All this while educating their members on ideal water usage on and off playa.

Vision: Our Dreams for BRC 2030

BLAST Ideal: Camps take efforts to reduce their fresh water usage as much as possible while implementing safe, closed-loop water systems to meet their remaining needs.

Mission: How We'll Get There

BLAST Focus: Closed-loop water management systems, for efficient water usage and disposal.

What We're Working On

BLAST Baseline Level: Does your camp track how much water is provisioned, used, evaporated, and removed from playa?



Part of the Theme Camp Innovators series, this video follows IMU Camp as they celebrate their fifth year pioneering a system that fully cleans and evaporates all of the grey water produced by their camp.

Watch Our Talk About Water

Burning Man: Green Theme Camp Summit - Water

Burning Man Water Distribution, Shower and Grey Water Systems