Get Started

A photograph of GTCC members.

Welcome to the GReen Theme Camp Community!

In the Fall of 2020, a group of Theme Camp Organizers came together around a dream of a more sustainable and regenerative Black Rock City. Since then, several projects and communities have emerged, and we welcome you to join us on the journey. 

Here's some ways that you can get started:

Create a 'Sustainability Lead' for your camp:

Most camps have an Leave No Trace Lead- but what about a Sustainability Lead? We're encouraging camps to make this a regular position on their rosters. It's simple to start.

A few things a sustainability lead can do are:

Sign up your camp for BLAST

BLAST is a green camp rating system that offers a framework for energy and resource efficient theme camps. If you’ve heard of LEED for green buildings, think of BLAST as the Burning Man equivalent. It's the best way to get a baseline for your theme camp, and it's the way you can get your camp into the Green Corridor NEXT year.

Consider joining the Green Corridor

Once your camp has completed BLAST, the next year we'll invite your camp (if you desire) to join the experimental green neighborhood, 'The Green Corridor'.

In 2023 we have 10 camps joining us along the 4:00 sector.

Document your solutions for the Thrival Guide

The Thrival Guide is a dynamic, open-source resource directory of projects created for Burners, by Burners, to help propel Burning Man towards a zero-waste, carbon negative, and regenerative future. Either learn from what others have shared, or document your best practices to help other camps learn.

Help us design the Model Green Camp!

A prototype where innovation meets sustainability. We aim to harness the brightest ideas from the community, focusing on: Water, Food, Waste, Shelter, & Power.