model camp

How might we imagine building a "Model Green Camp"?

A prototype where innovation meets sustainability. We aim to harness the brightest ideas from the community, focusing on: Water, Food, Waste, Shelter, & Power. Beyond the playa, this model camp holds potential for transformative impact in Disaster Zones, Refugee Contexts, and Climate Adaptation.

We don't know what this looks like...

What we do know is that we'll only be able to build this dream by working together.

We're calling on all Theme Camp Organizers (TCO), Camp Builders, Camp Leads, Sustaianability Leads and YOU to help us make this dream a reality.

Have a revolutionary idea? Ready to build or brainstorm alongside us? We need YOUR voice.

Share your vision with us!

Join us in this Journey

Reach out to us by emailing:

Let us know how you want to play along. Maybe you've already got a solution. Maybe you want to help us document this years innovations. Maybe you want to host meetings and gatherings with us.