Green   corridor 


The Green Corridor is a sector in Black Rock City that contains theme camps working towards the goals of the 2030 Environmental Sustainability Roadmap. The vision of this iterative experiment is to make the movement around sustainable infrastructure and practices more cohesive and tangible. By establishing this green neighborhood, participants are offered an opportunity to teach, learn, and inspire through an experience that enriches both the environment and ourselves.

Within the Green Corridor, discover a network of camps leading various sustainability efforts. Some camps have made the switch to power their infrastructure completely on solar energy. Some camps participate in a bike-share program. There is much to learn and many people to meet, so take part in the tours, workshops, and speaker series this year!  

For more highlights and details, refer to the table below.

How to Find the Green Corridor

The Green Corridor will run from the Esplanade & 3:45 to Frogbat & 3:45

Or look for the Green Corridor Symbol to indicate that you’re at a Green Corridor Camp!

Camps - Location - Highlights

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Get Involved and Join the Corridor

Want to join the Green Corridor? Register your camp with BLAST and you’ll be invited into the Corridor NEXT year.

Green Corridor information provided by the Burning Man Project