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This is a do-acracy!*  Join us and do it!

A photograph of GTCC members.

community leads

Claire Wild


Photo of Kathleen Nadel.

Kathleen Nadel

Waste Lead

Photo of Tim Barry.

Tim Barry

Transportation Lead

Photo of Ben Draffin.

Ben Draffin


Photo of Lee Merschon.

Lee Merschon

Shelter Lead

Photo of Christopher Breedlove.

Christopher Breedlove

Burners Without Borders

Photo of Charles Planck.

 Charles Planck

Water Lead

Photo of Kevin Blake.

Kevin Blake


Photo of Satya Kamdar.

Satya Kamdar

Thrival Guide Lead

Photo of Teresa Yung.

Teresa Yung

Community Lead

Photo of Drew Moxon.

Drew Moxon

Hotel California

Photo of Elyse Lee.

Elyse Lee

BRC Compost

Photo of Scott Williams.

Scott Williams 

Acting Power Lead

GTCC and RAT  Webmaster

community Partners

A link to Hotel California.

Hotel California

Hotel California exists to propagate environmentally conscious technology, art, and living. We prototype systems, open source the designs, and educate people on how to build and deploy similar systems themselves.

A link to IDEATE.


We are activating ideas for a regenerative world - as a global non-profit organization and our network of purpose-driven entrepreneurs, creatives & humans - to co-create a new reality that works for everyone and for all life on this planet.

A link to Planned Playahood.

Planned Playahood

Planned Playahood is a Burning Man theme camp offering “second aid” services. Our art and community also participate in many regional and decompression events and philanthropy causes.

A link to the Alternative Energy Zone.

Alternative Energy Zone

A Burning Man community free of generators.

A link to the SOLARPUNKS.


We think it’s wild that the world isn’t already running on free, abundant energy provided by the sun. To change that, we created SOLARPUNKS — an interdisciplinary ecosystem designed to help creative industries transition to renewable energy.


A Burning Man Camp that thrives to be a crucible for transformation in Black Rock City.

*Do-ocracy: OSGeo Wiki defines it as “an organizational structure in which individuals choose roles and tasks for themselves and execute them. Responsibilities attach to people who do the work, rather than elected or selected officials."