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Burner Leadership Achieving Sustainable Theme Camps


BLAST is a green camp rating system that offers a framework for energy and resource efficient, environmentally conscientious, and regenerative theme camps. If you’ve heard of LEED for green buildings, think of BLAST as the Burning Man equivalent. 

We provide an incentive to “Green Your Burn,” recognizing camps for successful sustainability efforts. 

A photograph of the BLAST team members.

The BLAST Team - Burning Man 2022 "Waking Dreams"

Vision: Our Dreams for Black Rock City 2030

We dream of a Burning Man event where all theme camps track their environmental footprint, acculturate camp members to adopt sustainable practices, and implement green infrastructure projects across all 6 focus areas: Food, Power, Shelter, Transportation, Waste, and Water. Planning a sustainable Burn and improving each year will become an essential part of organizing a theme camp.

Mission: How We'll Get There

BLAST inspires theme camps to step up their sustainability efforts by...

How BLAST Works

Camps submit a BLAST application and start tracking their progress in 6 different focus areas: Food, Power, Shelter, Transportation, Waste, and Water. Our team of BLAST volunteers visit green theme camps to document their efforts and award credits towards certification. Read more in our BLAST Certification Guide! 

BLAST Theme Camp Interest Form

Please let us know if your camp would like to participate in 2024! We'll follow up by email, and be here to support you in bringing your sustainable projects to the playa. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out at

BLAST Radius Results!

Below is an example of the 2022 BLAST Radius - how we visualized BLAST Results for the 21 camps and villages that participated. 

An example of the Radius results.

Watch Our Talk About BLAST

Campfire Talks #6: Sustainability is a BLAST - April 2023